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20130710 Radio Star - KyuMin -

fanacc: [NKSubs]

sungmin was introduced as 13th ranked in popularity out of 13 members.
Gura: there`s ryeowook-ee
Kyu: (Min) is ranked about 8th place in SJ

kyu: sj is known to be variety idol. but the only member that cant do variety is min?
gura: there`s ryeowook too

min: there are others (bad in variety) too
gura: like?
min: Donghae

kyu: to sungmin, what is radio star?
min: finally comfortable here

min didnt talk for a long time so Gookjin told him to come next weekㅋ they were talking abt fighting so SM didnt know how to join the talk

min said he gets sad when members dont take care of him. he made ramen for kyuhyuk one day, and next day, he thought members will eat ramen

so he waited but members just ate among themselves. Sungmin also said Kyuhyun ate jjangmyeon alone when min was also in the dorms
sungmin doesnt like phrases that end in -냐 (informal)
kyuhyun talked to him informally to test itㅋㅋ

sungmin said he used to get beaten in school bc other guys were jealous that he was popular with girls

sm said he grew distant(?)w kyu when each got their rooms bc kyu wanted to compete to get the bigger room instead of just lettin sm take it they played a game and in the end, sungmin got the bigger room ㅋ

kyu:do younger always have to get the smaller room?
gura: he(sm)is not least let him have bigger room
kyu:that`s even more mean!

kyu: (to min about other mcs) they are really mean, right? ㅋㅋㅋ

kyu: to sungmin, what is radio star?
min: finally comfortable here

kyu: havent u appeared on here for 3rd time now?
min: 4th i think. i feel more comfortable now with Kyuhyun-ee here.

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fanacc [minniestarrr]

Kyu is the one who did Min's introduction! But he is so mean he said Min is placed 13th out of SJ's 13 members ~_~

Kyu said Min hasn't been returning back to SJ's dorms recently

MC: Have you gotten into fights before? 
Min: Of course I did, during my time as a student. 
Kyu: How many times did you get hit! (Mean Kyu!)


 Radio Star caps: Kyu talking bad about Min and Min accusing Kyu LOL  

 Kyu: Min's variety sense is bad... Gura: Isn't that Ryeowook? LOL.

 Hyuk told Kyu not to let Sungmin perform his nunchucks because it's embarrassing LOL.

 Min had to drag Donghae down with him and said that Hae performs poorly on variety shows too hahaha

Radio Star caps: Kyu can't handle Min's cute looks XD 

Radio Star excerpt
Sungmin: Kyuhyun uses the members to test out what he should and should not say on broadcasts but looking at their reactions and expressions.
Kyuhyun: Sungmin is my guinea pig :DD But recently he doesn’t go back to the dorms often!

Radio Star excerpt: Sensitive Sungmin
The hosts and guests were saying how blood type A people were sensitive. Sungmin said yes because he takes care of others, but if other people don’t take care of him in the same way then he’ll feel sad. He mentioned how Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk ate ramen without him the other time, so he was very sad! And he said there was once when Kyuhyun ordered jjajangmyeon for himself even though Sungmin was in the dorm with him ~_~

Radio Star excerpt: kyumin splitting rooms 
Sungmin: We had one big room and one small room. Being the younger one, Kyuhyun should have said something like, "hyung should get the bigger room", but he didn't! Instead he said hyung let's decide by playing scissors-paper-stone. So we played that and I won, so I got the bigger room

Everyone: (laughs like mad at Kyu losing lol) 

Kyuhyun: (to Sungmin) All of them are mean >:(

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Kyuhyun Ungkap Bahwa Sungmin Jarang Pulang Ke Asrama

Kyuhyun Super Junior mengatakan bahwa Sungmin sering menghabiskan malam hari di luar.
Melalui episode terbaru dari MBC “Golden Fishery-Radio Star” yang ditayangkan pada tanggal 10 Juli, Kyuhyun mengungkapkan bahwa Sungmin sering tidak pulang ke asrama Super Junior di malam hari.
Sungmin kemudian mengatakan, “Kyuhyun suka berlatih untuk penampilannya di TV dengan menggunakan member lain. Dia menyaksikan reaksi kita untuk mengukur apakah kata-kata dan tindakannya cocok untuk di TV atau tidak. “

Untuk ini, Kyuhyun mengungkapkan bahwa Sungmin sering tidak pulang ke asrama. Ketika Sungmin tidak dapat membantah komentar ini, pembawa acara dan tamu menggodanya dengan mengatakan, “kau tidak mengucapkan sepatah kata tentang masalah asrama. Kami penasaran. Mengapa kau tidak suka asrama? “
Sungmin bereaksi dengan bergumam, “Yah, aku tinggal di asrama jadi ..” dan membuat para tamu tertawa

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[LIST] Artist Best Represents K-Pop in the 1st-Half of 2013 ~

[LIST] Artist Best Represents K-Pop in the 1st-Half of 2013 ~
#14 Ryeowook
#16 Henry
#20 Kyuhyun 
#26 Sungmin
#34 Eunhyuk
#38 Donghae
#43 Yesung
#45 Siwon
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130716 Incheon fanaccount -KyuMin-

130716 Incheon fanaccount (sobs because kyumin ;-;) kyuhyun & ryeowook landed tgt and had 2 cars waiting for them at exit F, wook left from exit F but kyu walked all the way for F to exit C to meet sungmin and the rest ;~; and went on the same car as sungmin & donghae ;;
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Which Idol Musical Actor is Your Favorite?

Polling baru-baru ini yang berada di MNET tertanggal 14 May 2013 ~ 21 May 2013

dan ini dia hasil polling-nya:

1st. Super Junior's Kyuhyun >> 38.5%(215,142)
2nd. Super Junior's Sungmin >> 32.8%(183,199)
3rd. FT Island’s Lee Jae Jin >> 21.3%(118,853)
4th. Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan >> 3.9%(21,495)
5th. 2PM’s Jun.K >> 3%(16,678)
6th. JYJ’s Kim Junsu >> 0.3%(1,896)
7th.  ZE:A’s Im Si Wan >> 0.1%(478)
8th.  2AM’s Jo Kwon >> 0.1%(378)

 sc: MNET